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Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

The Benefits of Personalized Care

As a personalized care patient of Dr. Lemire’s you can expect the following:

  • 24/7 availability – 365 days a year
  • Same day or next business day appointments that start on time
  • Appointments that last as long as necessary
  • Urgent care and in-home visits
  • Whole-person approach to healthcare
  • Extended comprehensive annual physical and blood work
  • Office visits for your friends and family visiting the Florida area
  • Your children up to age 18 included in the program
  • Annual PAP & Well Woman exam 
  • Annual BIA & Zyto scans
  • Annual Chiropractic consultation

Urgent Care Visits

Dr. Lemire’s practice works hard to accommodate patients quickly and efficiently. When you need to make an appointment, you’ll be able to see Dr. Lemire the same or next business day. Unlike traditional primary care practices, where you’ll often wait 20 days to see a doctor, Dr. Lemire will attend to your health concerns quickly, before a small issue develops into something more serious. Dr. Lemire provides in-home visits when deemed necessary. 

Dr. Lemire has limited the size of his personalized care program, meaning he has the time and availability to work closely with his patients, attending to their healthcare needs. This increased patient-doctor interaction is important when diagnosing and treating illness and identifying any factors that may lead to a future health problem.

Get Started

To help patients take advantage of all the benefits that this higher level of healthcare has to offer, Dr. Lemire has partnered with personalized medicine experts, Dr. Lemire and SignatureMD and are working together to ensure you receive the finest in personalized care.

Isn’t it time, you made the most important investment of your life and invested in your personal health?


Personalize Your Healthcare

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