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Enhanced Member Services

Enhanced Member Services


Dr. Lemire offers a limited number of memberships to his personalized care program. By doing so, Dr. Lemire ensures that each member receives his undivided attention and care.

Members Receive

Enhanced Appointments and Scheduling

Members receive same or next business day appointments for non-emergency issues (same or next business day appointments for critical matters are covered by most insurance programs).

In addition to expedited appointment scheduling, program members are guaranteed to receive on-time appointments. Furthermore, Dr. Lemire will allocate the time necessary to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed and that you walk out of the appointment feeling unrushed and satisfied.

Annual Extended Physical & Well Woman Exam

Extended executive physical annually with comprehensive blood work. This is the same as the Executive Physical that Cleveland Clinic offers, but they only give you the results and tell you to take them to your Primary Care Physician for interpretation.  The physical we offer here is covered 100% by your insurance and Doctor Lemire goes over all of your results with you in a 60-90 minute appointment answering any questions that you may have.  For female members, you can have your PAP and Well Woman’s Exam at this appointment also.

Dr. Lemire offers a holistic approach to PAP and Well Woman examination and  treatments, that includes natural hormone therapy management.

 Office Visits for Visiting Friends & Family

Dr. Lemire will be available to care for his program members’ visiting friends and family should they need to see a physician while in the area.

Personal Care Service Representative

Dr. Lemire’s dedicated personalized care services representative is available to assist program members and coordinate the administrative aspects of Dr. Lemire’s personalized care practice.

Dr. Lemire or his designated physician will be available promptly to personally communicate with you as a program member by telephone or email—even for non-emergency issues.  The response time and the method of communication will be appropriate to the purpose of the communications.  

Additional Health Care Service Benefits

As an added benefit, Dr. Lemire provides his members the following in-office health care services annually at no additional charge: 

  • Body Composition Testing
  • BIA (Bio-Electric Impedance Analysis)
  • Zyto Energy Testing
  • Electronic Matrix Life Assessment   
  • Discounts on Dr. Lemire’s Nutritional Supplements provided In-Office


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