James E. Lemire, MD

Family Medicine
Ocala, FL 352 291-9459


J & C

My wife and I became patients at Lemire Clinic about eight months ago and felt a tremendous need to reach out to other people to let them know that we have been totally overwhelmed with joy & gratitude for the absolutely thorough and loving care we have received from Dr Lemire and his staff. On many occasions they have taken time out of their regular schedules to talk with us and share or encourage us with advice to keep our lives & lifestyles on track for better healthy living. They truly care about helping anyone who is seeking a better & healthier life with much more thorough medical advice than you get when you seek the medical advice from a typical doctors office or medical clinic here in Ocala. His personalized medicine program has been a Godsend to our family!

You won’t be disappointed when you start coming here for a better, healthier, life!


I like that my doctor has more time to spend with me. My doctor is very caring and understanding of my health concerns. He reviews my health conditions regularly for optimum care.


When it comes to your doctor, why would you short-change yourself by settling for less than 100% personal attention? When you care about your health and personal well being, why not choose a SignatureMD physician that cares about you?


Personalized attention, readily available appointment times, consistent follow-up, professional and courteous services are just a few of the added benefits I have experienced with personalized medicine.